Thursday, May 21, 2009

What has been going on.....

This past weekend Pam, my Dad and I headed up to Wisconsin for the Iola Bump and Jump mountain bike race. This is the first race of the WORS series. The course was dry and rough. It seemed like they cut the course only a few days before the race. This made it really rough on a rigid bike. I had a bad starting position, but worked my way up to about 15th place. I was feeling good until the second lap when my back blew up. I could not even get out of the saddle and all the bumps were killing me. I pulled out which I kind of regret but I was in too much pain and the race did not matter to much to me. Pam did awesome in her race. This was her first mtb race and she finished 2nd in beginner. Only her 4th time ever riding a mtb bike too. My dad got last but gave it everything he got and got the mtb itch back which is great.

Pam and I headed up to my place in Wisconsin after the race to relax for a week. We have been fishing a ton but not catching much. I have never seen the lakes so dead up here before, but I also have never been up here so early in the season. Weather has been great except for the wind which makes fishing in a row boat difficult when the wind is gusting more than 20mph.

Fly Fishing for Bluegill

Our Cabin

Elbow Lake

Sliver Lake

Trying to catch some trout. No Luck!

Today is our last day up here in Wisconsin. Off to Iowa tomorrow for snake alley and Quad cities. Should be a blast. Not looking forward to the 8 hour drive though.

Last night I was awaking by a text message from Alan Alderfer our Team sponsor about Issac. During the group ride up in Warsaw IN Issac's chain skipped during a fast sprint and was seriously hurt. He was taken to the hospital to get stitches in his face from a chainring. Hope he is doing better. We are all thinking about you Issac. Recover fast and smoothly!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

JMSR Recap

Stage 1: 2.5mi Uphill TT/Freakin' hurt/Finished 115th/ With a time of 9:31/Rory did it in 8:03/Flatted 202 warming up.

Stage 2: 112mi Road Race 5000ft of climbing/Easy/ Crazy finished/ Spoke Came Loose on the Rear Reynolds/ Finished 56th with the group.

Stage 3: 92mi Road Race 6000ft of climbing/Hard as Hell/ Ouch hammered at the front all day/ Got dropped/Chased for 1:21 33 miles/ Did not get time cut/24min Down/ Legs were thrashed.

Stage 4: 90min Crit with big hill/Hard/Last 58min/ Got a GC spot/ Finished 88th/ 4o riders DNF/ Glad its over

GC: Finished 88th out of 88/ 165 starters/ Need to work on my climbing/ Had a great time.

I am heading up to Evanston today. Monsters on Saturday and Iola bump and Jump on Sunday. Week of fishing and riding in Northern Wisconsin then Iowa weekend.