Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pony Stable

Cross is here!!!

All 3 together

From the front



More Pink

White Seat/Tape
Black Seat/Tape


More Gold!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hump Day

Yesterday instead of doing the Forest TT Pam and I did some fishing. We hit up a few of the local creeks around Bloomingon. We managed to catch a ton of sunfish. Sunfish+fly rod= A Blast!

Today I headed up to Chicago to see my mom and get the cross bikes. I got started on building them. They came out pretty cool. Little bummed they did not come with matching white forks but they still look sick. Here is a pic of Pam's so far:

We also hit up the Farmers Market of Saturday and got some fresh veggies.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is it over yet.....

Wow a lot has happened and I have not been documenting it at all on this blog. I keep saying that I will post more and still don't. Hopefully cross motivates me to start posting. So what has happened.

Elk Grove: Had a great race on Saturday finishing up 3rd in the field sprint which placed me 8th. Legs were feeling great that weekend. Sunday was however crappy for me. Missed the split, Will clipped a pedal and went down with only a few to go and Bret rode himself out of out of the break. By this time I was too far back and could not make the bridge. Oh well. Will made some sweet cash with his sprinting skills.

Warsaw Crit: Had 12 out of the 30 guys there. Got in a break with Will and some Roadhouse/ Nuvo guys. Will helped out a ton covering moves by Nuvo and Roadhouse. Managed to win the sprint and take home my second "W" for the year.

Glencoe Crit: Wet and Hot. Sounds like some porn, not a bike race. Luca, Will, and I headed up to Glencoe after Warsaw for another shot at some cash. Will got in a late break that I thought was going to stick but was brought back on the last lap. I ended up 4th in the sprint with Will only a few spots behind me. Ended up being a great pay day. Very cool venue. Those Subway guys can really sprint!

Downers Grove: More rain and crashes. What a crazy race. I think that was the hardest rain I have ever riden in or let alone race in. I managed to stay upright even though there were some close calls. I felt really bad during the race, I kept drifting to the back and wanting to quit. Having so many people there cheering for me really helped me stick with it. Ended up 19th, not bad for feeling so poor.

Is my season over.....not sure. I need to decide soon if I am going to do Marion. Heading back up to Chicago to tomorrow to spend a week with my mom. Cross frames are in too so I get to get cracking on building those up. Only waiting on pedals and seats now.