Friday, July 31, 2009


After Kim and Chris's wedding I headed up to the Chicago Crit with Isaac. The race was very cool with tons of sweet riders there. Race was going well then I broke a spoke in my rear wheel. Headed over to the SRAM tent and they hooked me up with a 404. Thanks guys! I got back in with 11 laps to go feeling great even though I spent the previous night drinking and dancing. Last lap I was sitting about 10-15th wheel, thinking this is going to be a sweet result. However on the 2nd corner people decided to slide out right infront of me and I was off into the hay bails. All that work just to get taken out on the last lap. Very Frustrating! I guess thats bike racing.

Pam came up Sunday and we headed up to Wisconsin for some well needed vacation. Here are some photos of the week:

Biggest Northern I have ever caught

Rock Bass


Nice Largemouth

More Bass

First fish of the trip

Great Sunset

Trout on the fly rod

Last Night

First hole

Pam with a Largemouth

another Pike

Pam learning to fly fish



Doc's Pond


Pam's new car

Stalking the trout

Sad to leave Wisconsin but it is time to get back to Chicago for some crit action at Elk Grove.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cross is around the corner

Road season is winding down with only a few more weekends of racing left. Season has been going pretty well. Nothing outstanding unfortunately. Still waiting for that one great result. However the next couple weeks are my favorite crits all season so we will see how that goes. This weekend Kim and Chris are getting hitched down here in Btown. It should be a blast. Then off to Chicago Crit on Sunday hopefully not too hungover. Pam and I are taking another vacation up North to do some more fishing and relaxing next week. Summer is winding down slowly but honestly I am ready for the fall. It is by far my favorite season. Cross, leaves, beer, etc. Its great!

Ready to do some gluing

Zipp 202's Grifo XS 34

Reynolds DV46 Dugast Rhino 32

Zipp 303's Grifo 32

Si Cranks ready for some new Cannondales

Gold for me

Pink for Pam

New House

This past week Pam and I finally moved into our new house. It is really sweet. I am loving every bit of it Here are a bunch of photos of the new crib.


Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

Living Room

Living Room











Back Yard

Friday, July 10, 2009

For Sale 52cm Trek XO Cross Frame $150

Anyone looking for a cheap cross bike? Has come dents and scratches but is still in great condition. Email me at if you are interested.