Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have now been sick for a week and half now. Coughing and sneezing my head off. I hit up the doctor yesterday and she said I have Bronchitis. Maybe that's why I felt so crappy this weekend. Well I am on medication now so hopefully I can get better before the weekend.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Cross bikes.

I do not know why but I am already thinking about my cross bikes for next year. I have had my red and silver Cannondales now for 2 years. I have been brainstorming some bikes for next year. I really love cannondales. I am thinking maybe getting this one and pimping it out. All Black with Easton fork, carbon spooky brakes, carbon SI cranks, Sram Red, and Ritchey compenents. I have a thing for Cannondale BBQ paint. I have had a road bike and still have a track bike in that paint job.

Also thinking about Ridleys. They are more on the expensive side but they are very Euro. Could be very light. I do not think I will have the funds for a X-Night but maybe an X-fire.

I really do not know what I want. I am leaning towards another Cannondale. I love there geometry and how they look. What do you think I should get? I really want 2 Colnago C-50's. But there is no way I can afford those. I would have to sell my car. So far this season I have loved my SRAM red. I works so great. I really like my Reynolds as well. I think I am going to get another set of carbon wheels here soon. I want two light wheelset for both my bikes. I love cross bikes and all the cool stuff that goes along with it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

USGP Weekend

What a weekend!! This past weekend we ventured south to Louisville for the first USGP of the season. Pam and I headed down Friday night because her race was so early on Saturday morning. When we got there they said we made the reservation for the wrong night and all the rooms were booked. What the hell? While we were having a heated conversation with the lady at the front desk someone called the hotel saying that they were cancelling their reservations, lucky us.

We came stocked up for the weekend.

The cross whips!

The actual racing this weekend did not go that well for me. It was the weekend of crashing and mechanicals. Saturday some dude came into me and broke a spoke in my front reynolds. Then Mitchell Peterson crashed into me in the sand pit. I finally got to the pit and got a new bike. I worked my way back up to 27th then on last lap my saddle slipped and was pointing nose up in the air. Had to do another bike change. Sunday I thought was going better until I crashed bad in a dry washed out corner. My "freind" Mitchell Peterson thought I was slowing him down from winning the race and said "thank you" when I crashed. This is after he was on my wheel and coudn't keep his mouth shut. I mean if you are really that sweet just pass me. I just hate when people have to be asses in races. We are all out there to have fun not be douche bags. I caught back up after my crash then got caught behind some more crashes and blew up. I just called it a day early. Rest of the crew had a great weekend of racing. Pam finished 3rd and 2nd in the 3/4's. Isaac finished strong yesterday with 21st place right behind Mitchell Peterson. Oh wait you didn't win? Andy finished 1st and 2nd in the 2/3 race. Brian finished 8th and 6th in the Masters 35. Thanks to everyone for putting on a wonderful race.

New Brakes.

I had go for the classic bars.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

USGP Derby Cup Preview

This weekend is the first weekend of the USGP series. Many are going to venture South to Louisville. Last year was a amazing venue. Tons of riders and spectators. All the big dogs show up for the USGP's it seems. Last year I had a decent race and finished 44th the first day. The second day I broke my chain 5 minutes before the race so I had to pull out and get my drink on. This year I hope for some better results. I now have UCI points, only 6 but I will take what I can get. I should have a decent starting spot. I have been battling a cold this whole week so I hope I can get over it and get amped to race.

The Green Monster! Large man made stair run up with a ramp on the other side.

Weather calls for CROSS conditions. 70% chance of rain on Friday and 30% chance for Saturday/Sunday. High of 60

Derby Cup is full of sand pits. If I remember you go through about about 3 each lap.

Monday, October 20, 2008

How to Aquaseal. 101

What you are going to need.
-Latex Gloves
-Masking Tape
-corners of a zip lock bag

Step 1. I like to cover the whole braking surface with masking tape to prevent getting aquaseal on the rim.

Step 2. Slowly apply the aquaseal to the side wall of the tire. I like to spread the aquaseal with the corners of my zip lock bag. It does not matter if you get aquaseal on the tire tread. It will come off when you ride. You are better off applying a thin coat. It is super thick and stick so make sure to wear gloves and not get it on your clothes.

Step 3. Remove the tape and let your tire dry for 24 hours.

You are all done. You can enjoy the easy clean up now after each cross race.

Hilly Hundred

This Past weekend was the Hilly Hundred down here in Bloomington. Hilly hundred was a blast this year. We had awesome weather all weekend which made it very enjoyable. I have to say riding 130 miles in 2 days was tough on my one hour cross legs. I love the fall!

Pam and I's bikes

Rest stop. They had great fried chicken and cookies

Me looking all goofy

Ryan and Grahm

The ground

Isaac waiting for food at the rest stop

Bottom Road.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beer Fest

Tonight we are heading to Bloomington's own Beer Fest. I am pretty excited. I am not really sure what to expect. All I know is that there is over 300 different beers to taste. I know I can't taste all 300 but I am sure going to try. Tomorrow my new bike toys should be in and I can do some work on my cross bikes. This weekend there are no cross races around so we are going to ride the Hilly Hundred. I have done it in the past and it is always a blast. You got Professionals, kids, fixies, tandems, little 5 bikes, and mountain bikes. It is a hoot. Well im off to shower and get ready for beer fest. I was bad today and did not ride, but I did get out for a 30min run.
List of Beers at Beer Fest
Beer Fest List of Beers
World Class #1
• Chimay Grand Reserve
• Wyder’s Apple Cider
• Wyder’s Pear Cider
• Brother Thelonius
• Red Seal Pale Ale
• Old Rasputin Stout
• Brugge Black
• Brugge White
• Brugge Tripel
World Class #2
• Three Floyds Gumballhead
• Three Floyds Alpha King
• Three Floyds Pride & Joy
• Three Floyds Munsterfest
• Wabash Valley Harvest Amber
• Wabash Valley Cannonball Porter
• Wabash Valley Hazy Wheat Ale
• Wabash Valley Gangster Pale Ale
World Class #3
• Victory Prima Pils
• Victory Hop Devil
• Victory Golden Monkey
• Harpoon IPA
• Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen
• Harpoon Raspberry UFO
• Abita Turbodog
• Belhaven Scottish Ale
World Class #4
• BBC American Pale
• BBC Nut Brown
• BBC Bourbon Barrel Stout
• Rogue Dead Guy Ale
• Rogue Double Dead Guy Ale
• Rogue Hazelnut Brown
World Class #5
• Avery IPA
• Avery White Rascal
• Avery Ellie’s Brown
• Flying Dog Gonzo Porter
• Flying Dog In Heat Wheat
• Flying Dog Pale Ale
• Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber
• Flying Dog Kerberos Tripel
Miller Coors #1
• Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat
• Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss
• Leinenkugel’s Fireside Nut Brown
Miller Coors #2
• Foster’s
• Foster’s Bitter
• Peroni
• Pilsner Urquell
• Grolsch
• Killian’s Irish Red
• Molson Canadian
Miller Coors #3
• Harvest Moon
• Pale Moon
• Blue Moon Belgian White
Heineken USA
• Dos Equis Special Lager
• Dos Equis Amber
• Sol
• Tecate
Boston Beer Company
• Sam Adams Boston Lager
• Sam Adams Light
• Sam Adams Winter Lager
• Sam Adams Cherry Wheat
• Sam Adams Irish Red
• Sam Adams Cream Stout
• Sam Adams Boston Ale
• Sam Adams Imperial Pilsner
Barley Island Brewing Co.
• Flat Top Wheat Ale
• Dirty Helen Brown Ale
• Brass Knuckles Oatmeal Stout
• Barfly IPA
• Beastie Barrel Stout
Schlafly Beer
• Schlafly Pale Ale
• Schlafly Bourbon Imperial Stout
• Schlafly Number 15 dark
• Schlafly Biere de Garde
• Schlafly Oak Aged Barleywine
• Schlafly Oktoberfest
• Schlafly Pumpkin Ale
• Schlafly Saison
Oaken Barrel Brewing
• Indiana Amber
• Razz Wheat
• Superfly IPA
• Alabaster Wit
• Oaktoberfest-Oktoberfest
• Gnaw Bone Pale Ale
• Snake Pit
Bell’s Brewery
• Bell’s Oberon
• Bell’s Third Coast
• Bell’s Two Hearted Ale
• Bell’s Lager of the Lakes
• Bell’s Best Brown Ale
• Bell’s Double Cream Stout
• Hell Hath No Fury
• Spaten Lager
• Spaten Optimator
• Spaten Oktoberfest
• Franziskaner Hefeweiss
Dogfish Head Brewery
• 60 Min
• 120 min
• Chicory Stout
• Punkin
• Indian Brown
• Fort
• Red & White
• Black & Blue
Star Brand Imports
• Paulaner Hefe-weizen
• Paulaner Oktoberfest
• Paulaner Salvator
• Paulaner Lager
• Hacker-Pshorr Dark Weiss
• Moretti Lager
• Murphy’s Stout
• Affligem Noel
Brooklyn Brewery
• Lager
• Brown Ale
• Local 1
• Black Chocolate Stout
• Winter Ale
Spoetzl Brewery
• Shiner Bock
• Shiner Hefeweizen
• Shiner Bohemian Black Lager
• Wychwood Hobgoblin
• St. Peters Stout
• Monty Python Holy Grail Ale
• Xingu Black Beer
• Wychwood Scarecrow
• Wychwood Wychcraft
Duvel USA / Brewery Ommegang
• Duvel
• Ommegang Hennepin
• Ommegang Abbey Ale
• Ommegang Three Philosophers
• Ommegang Rare Vos
• Maredsous 8
• Houblon Chouffe
Magic Hat Brewing Co.
• #9 Not Quite Pale Ale
Anheuser-Busch #1
• Budweiser
• Bud Light
• Bud Select
• Budweiser American Ale
• Bud Light Lime
• Bud Light Chelada
Anheuser-Busch #2
• Michelob
• Michelob Dunkelweiss
• Michelob Amberbock
• Jack’s Pumpkin Spice
• Shock Top
Anheuser-Busch #3
• Bacardi Mojito
• Landshark Lager
• Tequiza
• Michelob Cactus Lime
• Wild Blue
Crown Imports
• Corona Extra
• Corona Light
• Modelo Especial
• Negra Modelo
• Pacifico
• St. Pauli Lager
• St. Pauli Dark
• Tsingtao
Green Mountain Beverage
• Woodchuck Amber
• Woodchuck Granny Smith
• Woodchuck Dark & Dry
• Woodchuck Pear
• Strongbow Cider
Goose Island Beer Co.
• Honker’s Ale
• Mild Winter
• Harvest Ale
• 312
• Matilda
Diageo Guinness
• Red Stripe
• Smithwick’s Irish Ale
• Guinness Draught (keg)
• Guinness Extra Stout
• Harp
• Smirnoff Ice Light
• Smirnoff Strawberry Acai
• Bass
• Beck’s
• Beck’s Premier Light
• Leffe Blonde
• Stella Aritos
• Hoegaarden
• Boddingtons
B2 Beverage Co.
• Hard Creamer Strawberry Daiquiri
• Hard Creamer Orange Cream
• Kalima Tropical Cream
• Kalima Fuzzy Navel
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
• Pale Ale
• Harvest Ale
• Porter
• Wheat
• Stout
Pabst Brewing Co.
• PBR Light
• Old Style
• Old Style Light
• Colt 45
Merchant du Vin
• Lindemens Framboise
• Sam Smith IPA
• Samuel Smith Organic Cider
• Sam Smith Organic Lager
• Ayinger Brau-weiss
• Ayinger Oktoberfest
• Green’s Gluten Free Amber
• Zatec Czech Brite Lager
High Falls Brewing Co.
• Dundee honey Brown
• Dundee Pale Ale
• Dundee Oktoberfest
• Dundee IPA
• Dundee Porter
• Dundee Pale Batch
• Dundee Wheat
Heineken USA
• Heineken
• Heineken Light
• Amstel Light
• Newcastle Brown Ale
• Wheat
• Pilsner
• Bad Elmers Porter
• Dragonfly IPA
Bloomington Brewing Company
• Java Porter
• Big Stone Stout
• Quarryman Pale Ale
• Ruby Bloom Amber
Mike’s Hard Lemonade
• Hard Lemonade
• Light Hard Lemonade
• Cranberry Lemonade
• Cranberry Light Lemonade
• Pomegranate Lemonade
• Hard Lime
• Hard Berry
• Moosehead Lager
• Moosehead Light
Cavalier Distributing #1
• Rebel Czech Lager
• Hofbrau Oktoberfest
• Mexicali Beer
• Shipyard Pumpkin
• Lakefront Pumpkin
• Sprecher Oktoberfest
• Weihenstepharer Festbier
• Original Sin Cider
Cavalier Distributing #2
• Butte Creek Organic Pale Ale
• Bison Brewery Organic Chocolate Stout
• Clipper City Organic Raspberry Wheat
• Mad River Steelhead Porter
• Two Brothers Domaine Dufage
• Breckenridge 471 ESB
• Founders Rubaues
• Pizza Beer
Schmaltz Brewing Co.
• He’BrewGenesis Ale
• He’Brew Messiah Bold
• He’Brew Origin Pomegranate Ale
• He’Brew Bittersweet Lenny’s RIPA
• Coney Island Lager
• Coney Island Albino Python
• Coney Island Sword Swallower
Stone Brewing Co.
• Pale
• Smoke Porter
• Arrogant Bastard
• Oaked Arrogant Bastard
• Ruination IPA
• Levitation Ale
The Berghoff Brewery
• Octoberfest
• Lager
• Dark
• Red Ale
• Pale Ale
• Hefe Weizen
Warbird Brewing Co.
• T-6 Red Ale
• Mustang Gold Ale
• Warhawk Pale Ale
• Shanty Irish Ale
• Thunderbolt Wheat
Mad Anthony Brewing Co.
• Gabby Blonde Lager
• Auburn Lager
• Ol’ Woody Pale Ale
• Good Karma IPA
• Old Fort Porter
• Ruby Raspberry Wheat
• Harry Baals Irish Stout
• Oktoberfest
Left Hand Brewing Co.
• Sawtooth Ale
• Milk Stout
• Juju Ginger
• Deep Cover Brown
• Black Jack Porter
• Haystack Wheat
• Polestar Pilsner
• Imperial Stout
Binding Braueri USA
• Radeberger Pilsner
• Tucher Bajuvator
• Tucher Dunkle
• Tucher Hefeweizen
• Tucher Kristall

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cross Practice

Today Isaac, Pam and I set out from some sweet cross practice. We did a similiuted race and then practiced run ups at the local Highschool. I had a blast, it was perfect weather. Low 70's with an overcast sky. Here are some videos and pictures from our adventures.
Isaac's Run Up

My Run Up

Pam's Run Up

Wheelie Time!!!

Darkhorse UCI Photos

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Afternoon Adventures

This afternoon Pam and I ventured over to a Bloomington Park called Leonard Springs. We just found out about it last week. It is a pretty sweet place. Has a natural waterfall and caves. It used to be Bloomingtons water supply back in the day.

The Wetlands

Pam in a Cave

Sweet water Fall

The Wagoneer.

Don't Have Good Luck with C1's

Sunday went horrible for me. It was the hottest day out of the 3. Legs were tired from from the 2 previous days of racing. I had a crappy start and it went down hill from there. I was riding in the group of 19-27 for the first couple laps until my legs just blew up and I quit. I wish I would of stayed out there but there was no chance for UCI points that day. Time to recover and train for the USGP. I have some work I need to do. Getting some new bike stuff for me cross bikes which should be sweet. More to come about that down the road.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Middletown Report

Today was a hot one. 85 degrees and sunny. The course today was awesome. Had a little bit of everything. I was a little sore today from my crash yesterday but I was ready to roll. I had a pretty good start and managed to get around the huge wreck. I was feeling great up in the lead group then I blew up. I just hit a wall on lap 3. I struggled and let some people pass me. Last lap came around and Matter had caught up to me and I could see 2 guys in the distance. Brian attacked me and got up to the 2 guys. I put a good dig in and managed to get up to them. The second I caught up I threw down an attack and dropped a everyone but Matter. I knew Matter would probably beat me so I threw down a couple hard digs and managed to hold him off. Solid result for 14th. Tomorrow that would be UCI points. Off to get some food and beer. Hope I have better luck tomorrow. Pics will come!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Brief Darkhorse UCI Report

Arrived here in Cincinnati around noon today for Pam's race. She did great all race sitting in second then crashed which hurt her momentum and fell to a 5th place finish. She is going to rock it tomorrow. I had a bunch of time to warm up on the course. I could not seem to find a good tire pressure today. Thumb was feeling way better and I was ready to roll. I started pretty far back and had a decent start. Sitting in about 10-15th wheel most of the first lap. I ate it pretty good in a turn and got my chain stuck between spokes and my cassette. I did that last year in Cincinnati. I fell way back after this. I chased hard all race and ended up 15th, almost catching Tilford again at the line. Better luck tommorrow. I just think I might have a slight chance at a UCI point if I have a perfect ride. Tough competetion out here. Im off to bed with a great buzz from all the great wine the Loebigs provided me with.
I got some good pics just can't download them. I will have them up Monday.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stupid Injuries

So yesterday I tried to ride my cross bike. This didn't go so well. I have tremendous pain in my thumb joint when I ride over rough stuff or when my fork chatters. I am not really sure how this weekend will go for me. I could be watching from the sideline with a cowbell and a beer. I am going to give it a shot tomorrow and push through the pain. Me being the paranoid type I have been reading online all about sprained thumbs. Everyone says 3-6 weeks for recovery, if you push it you might damage it for good. This stuff is scaring me. I got a bunch of big cross races coming up. I will keep everyone up to date on how the races go this weekend. Tomorrow is my birthday. So maybe the birthday gods will help get rid of the pain. If I could just go back and not take the line through the rock garden and just ride around it.

My awesome parents sent me down, 8 steaks, 6 hamburgers, 2 bags of meat balls, 8 Loaded baked patatos, 2 things of pasta, and a apple pie. You trying to say something? I'm not that skinny. Im off to try to do some openers before the weekend, then grilling.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rain TT and New Tires

Yesterday Isaac and I drove out to the Forest in pouring rain to do the yearly IUSF fall TT. It is a 6mile out and back TT. Short but tough. The road is constantly going up and down and turning. It was a little bit scary railing it over 27mph over wet leaf coverd roads. We arrived 15min before the event. We quickly got pinned up and warmed up for 10 sec. Took the starting ramp where Pam the new Little 500 race director counted down for me. I ended up with a good time. 23 seconds faster than last year. Isaac had a good ride for 4th. Not bad at all for not riding for 2 weeks. My TT postions felt really good. My time was holding first all afternoon until Jordan had to beat me by 1 sec. Nice work man. We headed home got dry and hung out all evening. Watched that hillarious debate.

New Mod on the Langster.

Got my new Fango 32 mounted on my Front Reynolds.

Its official is hunting/cross season. I will be having a few of these this weekend.

Monday, October 6, 2008