Monday, November 24, 2008

Woodstock Report

Back in Chicago for the holidays. Pam and I decided to hit up the Chicago cup cyclocross race in Woodstock. Weather was cold and crisp with sun. We got there early for Pams race and got to get some nice laps in early in the day. Got to watch my boss/freind/teamate crush it in the masters 1/2/3 race and take the win. Way to go Lou.

As for the elite race. All I can say is that it went very well. Took the whole shot and never looked back. Started with a small gap of only 15 seconds but throughout the race it grew to over a minute. Another Chicago Vicroty in the bank. It was great training for next weekend at Jingle Cross. Got a solid week of training ahead of me. Thanks for everyone who put on a great race at Woodstock and all the support from my teamates on the Pony Shop Cross team. All the cheering really helps.

Off to Bake some more cookies.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Neon Accessories !!!!

End of the Cross season Toys

Carbon SI Crank for the B bike.

Set of 32 Fango Tires for the Zipps

Zipp 303 Cyclocross Wheelset

FSA Carbon chainring guard for the new cranks

TRP Mag Brakes.

Thanks to Zipp, The Pony Shop, Tax Refund, and my race winnings.
I will have some pics this later with everything installed on the bikes with some new bike weights.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bike Cleaning

Start with some muddy bikes.

I have put together a cleaning kit with a bucket with a variety of brushes and sponges.

Go over the whole bike with soapy hot water with the brushes or sponge.

I then use the power washer at the Local "Do it yourself" car wash. I try not to use this that much but it just works so well.

I then take the bikes home and do all the detailing and lubing.

Whole process take some time but it keeps your bikes working great and looking pimp.

Yet another Cross weekend

Saturday: Isaac and I headed up to Purdue for some collegiate cyclocross. It rained the entire drive up there. Cold and wet were the conditions that day. Fast start for the race made the legs and lungs burn like hell. Soon after the start I flatted. That's number 3 for me this season. Isaac took a strong lead and never looked back. He held all the riders off for the "W". However half a lap back was me with a flat, no spare wheels or bike. Reason behind this was I did not want to dirty up my A bike for Sunday. A freindly IU student lent me his rear wheel. All and all the wheel change set me back about 3min. I chased somewhat hard and ended up working my way back up to 7th right behind Kip and Derek

Sunday: Pam Isaac and I ventured South to Lexington KY for #10 in the OVCX series. Another cold and wet day. Temps in the 30's. Pam had a solid race, but was struggling in the mud. The race promoters thought she was in no mans land in 5th and decided pull her before her last lap. I think that is kinda ridiculus. Anything can happen in he last lap of cross races. And just because they are women you should not cut there race short. In the 1/2/3 race we started off blazing. I had trouble getting clipped in but managed to take the lead by the 3rd corner. Ryan and I soon got a gap from the field. I pulled him around for a few laps he attacked me and I could not respond. I kept messing up and his gap kept getting bigger. Ended up 2nd and Isaac finished up 5th rounding up the top 5.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Next Years Home

Pam and I are signing the lease tomorrow on this cool little house on the west side of town. Bloomington for another year, for now at least.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


More Pictures from the weekend.

Monday, November 10, 2008

What a weekend!


This past weekend Pam and I ventured North for the some true weather cross racing. Chicago provided a perfect playing ground for this weekends cross race. Cold Cold Cold with rain and snow. We arrived Friday evening just in time for the Pony Shop Cross Dinner at EJ's Place. Thanks EJ and Luca for an amazing evening.

Saturday Pam and I slept in and a had a fest of a breakfast thanks to my rents. We then ventured out to the lakefront for some cross riding. We hit up all the good cross hot spots in Evanston. I flatted last week so I had to go into the shop and glue a new tubular on. Lou was one step ahead of me and did it for me. I really appreciate that. We hung out the shop for awhile. I miss that place. Best shop I have ever been too for sure.
Sunday was the cross race. We drove over to Northbrook on the cold rain morning in time for the Masters Race. Way to go to Lou, Mark, Dan, Jim, Roman, and EJ for ripping it up. Pam had a killer race this week. She is really coming onto form with her handling skills. She ended up 4th. As for the 1/2/3 race I was a little nervous with everyone saying how fast everyone was this year. I had a horrible start from the where I came unclipped and was top tube surfing for a bit. I got my stuff together and hammered up to 5th wheel before the first woods section. I stayed there until after the first run up and then through down my attack and never looked back. Ended up getting the win. Thanks for everyone cheering it really helped.

Last night we got back into town just in time to go see Rusted Root. It was an awesome show.

Picked up some new sweet shades. Love the Neon!

Ouch that was a long race. They had us race almost 1:20.


Run up # 1

Thursday, November 6, 2008


One of those days I guess. Stupid me got lazy and didn't want to switch my tubulars. So I rode them and a training ride and I got a flat. Lucky me. Those Challenge Tires are not cheep and not easy to come buy. Thanks to Lou at the Pony Shop I will back in business before Sunday. Thanks Scooter for driving out and grabbing me. I really appreciate it.

I spent this evening tweaking the bikes. I had to strip my old grifo off my rear Kysrium to get it ready to glue on Saturday. Weather is looking so so good for this weekend. I wish I had some Rhinos.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Catch up

Chris killing it in his first 1/2/3 race!!
Last weekend Isaac and I headed to Cincinnati once again for another OVCX race. I got a front row call up which is nice because I am doing decent in the series. I got the whole shot which I always try to get. I led the first couple laps until I crashed myself out of contention of winning. I was being a dumb ass and looked back and then just ran into the woods. I ate it pretty good. I rolled my front tire whem I crashed. I got up quick but Isaac, Ryan, and two Barbosal guys were a ways up the course. I chased hard while watching all the attacking that was going on between Isaac and Ryan. Ryan decided to leave our summer racing team last week by just shooting us a email. Real professional bro and after promising me that he was going to ride with us next summer.
So there was defiantly some fire out on the race course. I got real close to catching them, but I got caught behind a lapped girl who crashed right in front of me in the sand pit. After that the W was long gone. I ended up working my way back up to 3rd but I just could not catch up to the Barbosal guy and Ryan. Great course. One of my favorites all year. Isaac came in right behind me in 4th.

Today Pam and I hit up the trails on the Cross bikes. It was a blast. Weather has been amazing down here. High 70's all week. Next weekend Pam and I are heading up to Evanston for the weekend. I look forward to doing a Chi Cross Cup race finally. I miss Evanston and the Pony Shop. I got a tought week at school so this mini vacation will be great. Weather calls for cold and mud. I CAN'T WAIT. I have only raced in hot and dry conditions all season.

Pam being a goof

Fall/Pony Shop Gotta love it.

B bike

Sun sets so early now :(