Wednesday, September 30, 2009

USGP # 1

Last weekend I hit up the USGP up in Madison. What a sweet venue. Saturday went great with a sweet result of 18th. Props to Ryan who killed it for a 12th place. Wish I had a little more in the tank to get up to that group. Sunday sucked. Had a great start but then I blew up. I kept racing and ended up 34th last guy not to not get lapped. Not really sure what happened. There is always the next race. Heading up to Chicago this weekend for the Dekalb race. Should be fun. I have heard good things about the course. Here are some photos that Amy took.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kings CX

Pulled down 2 early season victories for the Pony Shop at Kings of CX. Sweet courses! Dry as hell on Saturday and Muddy as hell on Sunday. Got a little of everything this weekend. Took a early lead both days and held it. Both days had over a min gap over second place. Legs are feeling good these days. Lets see how I do against the big dogs this weekend in Madison. Kinda wish I was racing Vegas tomorrow. There are a more photos but I can not seem to get them off the website. Anyone know how to do that when you try to "save image as" and it just comes up as a blank photo in your documents? Oh well. Here are some.

Big Gap from last weekend...

Kings CX - Wreck-9/20/2009 - CAT 1/2 from Opie Adventures on Vimeo.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Back at it...

So unfortunately I got all my fly gear stolen out of my car. I have replaced most of it and have been back out to Clear Creek. I spent a few hours down at Clear Creek on Wednesday. Did not have great luck but did catch a couple fish. Caught a nice smallmouth, pumpkinseed and a creek chub.

Caught this guy on my last cast of the day.

Nice Pumkinseed

Creek Chub

New Vest

New Rod and Reel.

Picked up some wading boots and waders from JL Waters. They work great. If you ever have any questions about fly fishing head over to JL Waters and ask for Matt. He is full of good advice when it comes to fly fishing.

New Orvis Waders

First Cross race is this weekend. I can't wait! Should be a blast. Heading to Mason OH for the OVCX opening weekend. Race looks really cool. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


No fish updates for awhile. Someone broke into my GTI last night and stole my 2 fly rods, my all my tackle, and my GPS. The one night I forget to lock my car. Now I am out $900 because the Insurance deductable is $1000 bucks. Try to find some cash so I can get back out to the lakes and creeks. I guess it is cross season so cross posts it will be...Leave you with a picture of a big Bluegill I caught Monday night before all my gear was yanked.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weekly Fishin' update

Recently I have gotten back into fly fishing. I have discovered some sweet fishing around Bloomington. It has been great to take my mind of things. I really need to start riding more though and fishing less. One thing leads to another and I am gone fishing for 4 hours. Ooops. Looking forward to cross worlds again tonight. Thank got it is not as hot as last week.

Rock Bass

Not sure what kind of fish, but caught it at Cascades

Cascades Bass

Cascades Sunfish

Another sunfish

Griffy Sunfish

Griffy Bass

Another Griffy Bass

Clear Creek

Clear Creek