Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is it time yet?

This whole time off thing is starting to get to me. 2 weeks down 1 to go. Since nationals I have been doing a whole lot of nothing. I took a week and half off completely from everything but on Friday I started hitting up the gym. Have been running a little bit a mile here a mile there. Also I started a little bit of lifting as well. I have been staying up til 2 and sleeping til noon. Have not done that since I was in Highschool.
I have been doing too much of this:

And not enough this:

Tomorrow is the last day of 2008. I have big plans for 2009. I look forward to racing my ass off 10 months out of the year. Heading up to Wisconsin tomorrow for a few days of XC skiing. Should be a blast, then back to Btown to start training.

Thought some old school photos might be enjoyable.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Time off

That time of year has come. Cross is over and it is time to take some time off the bike. I have been racing since February with only a few weekends off. I have raced 48 road races/crits, 19 cross races, and a few track events. Looking back I had a great season. Nothing crazy. I would of liked to get some better results but this is only my 2nd real season of racing road and cross. I am thinking about trying to go to Europe to race cross next winter after Nationals. I am not sure how to go about doing this but if anyone knows let me know. I will be graduating next December and would love to start off my life as non student racing cross in Europe.
Team things are looking great for next season. Alderfer Bergen squad should be real sick next season. We got some new riders who really are going to turn the team around. I am looking forward to kicking some ass on the road. Also looking forward to Pony Shop Cross next fall. I know Lou has some sweet plans up his sleeve. He did not disappoint us once this year. I am going to go the whole not working route this summer and really focus on racing. See how that goes.
I want to thank everyone that has supported me this year. My wonderful girlfriend Pam, my kick ass Boss/Friend Lou for helping me out with everything I ever needed, my fokes for putting up with all my stupid expenses and problems, and my all my great Friends in and out of the cycling community.

Hope everyone has a great Holiday. I am out. Time to relax and get ready for a new year. Expect great things.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For Sale

Asking $1400
2008 Cannondale Supersix Frame/Fork/Headset/Seatpost. 58cm. Like New only has been ridden a couple hundred miles.

Asking $500
Mavic Kysrium Tubulars. Challenge Tire Grifo Tires-Glued and Aquasealed. Sram 11-26 Cassette. (rear rim has a small dent in it and freehub need a little work)

Let me know. Going up on Ebay today. We can talk prices.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I think this is what happened?

So as you all know I was in Kansas City last weekend for Nationals. First off what a great venue and thanks for all the good wishes. Sunday morning was the collegiate race. Had a good start and got up to the top 3 early. Had a bad wreck on the first lap which made me fall out of the top 3. Ended up braking my left Red shifter off. Luckily the guys at SRAM hooked it up and got me rolling with a new one in 15min. You guys rock! Back to the race. I fell back to 10th after my crash and my bike exchange. I chased hard and worked my way back up to Isaac and Kip. Last lap I was in the group of 5-7th. I knew I had to attack on the hill so I went for it. Wayne was cheering his face off for me which really helped. I some how pulled it off and slipped my way onto the podium. I think I could of done much better if I had a clean race. I was not riding very smooth.

After the collegiate race I went and changed because I only had about an hour before the elite race. I was pretty exhausted and hurt from my two bad crashes. I got a bbq sandwich and hit the trainer to keep the legs warm. I started 3rd row which was not bad. Had a good start and felt good throughout the elite race. My goal was not to get lapped. About half way through the race I crashed and that's last I remember. I guess I crashed and hit my head real hard. Next thing I knew I was half way home from Kansas in Isaac's Car. I suffered a concussion sometime in the elite race and do not not remember where I crash or what happened. If anyone saw me crash let me know because I got no clue what happened. I am all good now I have gotten a CAT scan and all that good stuff. Time for 3 weeks off. Bring on the beer and food. More pictures to come. Thanks everyone for a great season of cyclocross. I had a BLAST!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kansas City Update

Isaac and I got here after 8 hours in the car. Checked into our hotel, got dinner then called it a early night. Today we headed over to the course and got about 8 laps in. Course is super fun but tough. Ground is super tacky and trying out with the very gusty winds. Wish I had some file treads. Tomorrow should be similar conditions. Its going to be a super fast race both the collegiate and the elite. I am super stoked for tomorrow. Excited to throw down. Course is going to be good for me.

Sickest set up ever. Volvo V70R with 3 Colnago C50's with Record and Zipp 303's. Lou you got to step your game.

Andy warming up before the Masters Race.
Wish me luck tomorrow. I am hoping for a clean race.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Kansas City

The week has been winding down. Been riding the trainer and playing some Donkey Kong. Love old school Nintendo.

Isaac and I are off to Kansas City in about an hour. 8 hours in the car I can't wait. I feel like I am bringing everything I own out there. Better to be prepared. Plan on getting the course tomorrow to get a dialed in for Sundays showdown. Time to go finish packing. Hope my next post I got a jersey! I wish!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Future Pony Shop Crosser

Pam my wonderful girlfriend will be joining us next year on the Pony Shop Cross team. Neon and Navy will look better for sure.

All Most Done!


Had a nice decent gap at this point. then.......

UGH!! Not another flat. That's 4 this season.

After my flat I had to run almost whole course back to the pit. By this time Scott, Kevin, Luca, and James had all passed me. Lucky me. The run killed me, they had a huge gap. I chased hard but could only cut a few seconds off each lap. Montrose is cursed for me. Ended up 4th. Not sure what happened to James. 2 more races then I am not touching a bike for a few weeks. Pretty stoked about this weekend. Ready to rock the Collegiate race and suffer through the elite race. Thanks to all the Chicago folks who were cheering for me. It really helped. I really love coming back home and seeing so many supportive freinds. I do this for you guys. Thanks again to Lou at the Pony Shop for making this season so great. Lou has already glued a new tire on and has it in the mail. Thats what I call a great shop. Thanks to all the Pony Shop Cross team sponsers as well. Its been fun year and its only going to get better.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

11 Days!

The count down has begun. I have 11 days till the 2008 Collegiate Cyclocross National Championships in Kansas City. Last year I finished 8th in D1 this year I have higher goals and expectations. I only have one thing is one my mind. The competition will be tough. Both from IU and other schools around the country. Last year was snow and ice, this year who knows what the conditions will be. My weapons are ready for battle:



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jingle Cross Report

I have been super exhausted recently and have not been updating the blog. Last weekend I hit up Jingle Cross. What a fantastic venue. I got to see a bunch of my good freinds out in Iowa which was a real plus. Props to all the Pony Shop riders for kicking ass this weekend. Saturday went well for me scoring 2 more UCI points. I am up to 8 now. Sunday did not go so well. I really struggled in the sloppy mud. I am paying for all my crashes now. I am still so sore and tired from Sunday. Leave you guys with some pics from the weekend.

Took the whole shot then crashed on the muddy ride up. Dump ass.

Ouch that hill hurts!

Epic condtions

Freezing my ass off before the race.

Sprinting out Brian Eppen for 9th.