Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wisconsin Weekend

Last weekend was the Giro d Grafton Crit and the Sheboygan Crit. Pam rolled up to Evanston on Friday night just in time for some home made pasta prepared by my parents. After a easy lazy morning on Saturday we headed North up to Grafton.
Grafton is one of my favorite crits. It really has a little bit of everything. Saturdays race went well. The race was aggressive with many attacks. Nothing seemed to get to far off the front though. I got myself into a little break with Garrett Peltonen from Bissell. He basically pulled me around for a few laps while I gasped for air on his wheel. We were soon brought back after about a lap or two. I tried to get into a couple more moves but again nothing. I set up for the sprint a little bit too far back and ended up just out of the top ten in 11th.
Sunday went little bit better with the fast boring crit. If any of you have ever raced the Blue Island Superweek race it is just like that. According to the SRM we averaged 29mph for and hour and 20 min. Once again nothing sticked. I got in a couple moves that I thought might stick but nothing. My sprint positioning went better on Sunday for a 7th place finish.
Overall a great weekend of racing. Came home with fat pockets and good spirits.
Is it Cross Season yet?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Winfield Weekend

The Winfield races were last weekend and they went quite well. The Twilight crit on Saturday was a blast. Long gradual uphill with a screaming downhill. We road pretty well as a team trying to cover as many ABD moves as we could. I got away for a little bit with John Meyers but nothing would stick. I ended up a 5th in the field sprint. Not to shabby I can not complain its another result for the resume.

Sunday was the ABR national Crit Championships. I really enjoy this 4 corner crit. It has a nice little hill and downhill. Ryan and I got in a early move that ended up taking a lap on the field. I messed the sprint up and was too far up and went to early. Story of my life recently. I can't seem to get the end of races figured out this year. Still a great race. Ryan ended up getting me at the line for 3rd and me in 4th. I look forward to many more fun crits. Tour of Winghaven is next weekend.